My Platforms

Living Wages

A living wage means:

People like to ask "but how will we pay for it?" but the truth is: we are already paying for it. We pay for it in increased emergency services and in the loss to our tax base. Few people are asking how we're going to pay for it when corporations raise food and gas prices. 

We need to turn the conversation from subsidizing big business from outside the community to subsidizing and investing in people. Because investing in the community — investing in people — reaps far more dividends. 

Safety Net

A strong social safety net means:

These aren't just lofty ideals. At a state level, we've already voted in things like healthcare for all and universal pre-K. In Portland, we already have the resources to create a strong social safety net — it's about what we choose to prioritize. It's about making a commitment. I believe in prioritizing people. I believe communities are stronger and more resilient when all of us thrive, not just survive. 

I know it won't be easy: it takes hard work and collaboration to make these changes, and the ability to keep going in the face of being told "no." That kind of perseverance and creative collaboration is what I bring to the table. My role as the council member for District 3 is to work with the community to shape the policy that serves us best, and to push for those changes at the county and state level.


Small-business entrepreneurship means:

Small businesses are crucial to the health of local communities, providing employment opportunities, keeping money in the local community, and creating unique experiences that make people proud to shop locally and to call their community home. Many resources already exist that can help small-business entrepreneurs, but they're buried under the red tape of bureaucracy. We can remove those barriers, and we can find other policy solutions to encourage people to start small businesses and allow them to compete. 

It's time to move the conversation forward and invest in an on-ramp by putting people first.

Chris stands in front of green bushes wearing a purple and black plaid shirt. Chris is a white afab nonbinary person with glasses and dark hair

Why I'm running

I'm Chris Flanary and I'm running for Portland City Council District 3. I believe in the common good, that investing in people is the way forward, and that we all do better when our communities are strong.  

I'm running because I love Portland.  

I’m not running because I have political aspirations beyond city council - I already have a career, working to build affordable housing in our community.  I’m running because I can’t just stand by and do nothing.  We have all watched Portland's leaders prioritize profits and politics over people for too long.  I'm running because I want to change the conversation.  I believe that people are not problems - people have problems, and problems have solutions. We need people in office who will do what works, put money where it counts, and remain true to the ideal that everyone deserves a good life.  I'm running because I have the tenacity, perseverance, and passion to work for what's right.  I hope you join me, vote for me for District 3, and let's get to work. 

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