Why I'm running

I'm Chris Flanary and I'm running for Portland City Council District 3. I believe in the common good, that investing in people is the way forward, and that we all do better when our communities are strong.  

I'm running because I love Portland.  

We have all watched Portland's leaders prioritize profits and politics over people for too long. 

I'm running because I want to change the conversation. 

I believe that people are not problems: people have problems, and problems have solutions. We need people in office who will do what works, put money where it counts, and remain true to the ideal that everyone deserves a good life. 

I'm running because I have the tenacity, perseverance, and passion to work for what's right. 

I hope you join me. Vote Chris Flanary for District 3 — let's get to work.

Chris's Priorities

Living Wages

We need to turn the conversation from subsidizing profit for investors from outside the community to subsidizing and investing in people.

Safety Net

In Portland, we already have the resources to create a strong social safety net — it's about what we choose to prioritize. It's about making a commitment. 


When we remove barriers and Invest in community safety, small businesses, and green infrastructure, we create thriving communities, and a more livable city.

It's time to move the conversation forward and start putting people first